• Pali

    Pali belongs to a goat-herding community in rural Rajasthan. At the age of 14, she was widowed when her husband died in an accident. Fast forward to today, seven years later, she is the only one her in community who can read or write and is on her way to be the first one to complete high school. Her sights are set for college.

    Pali's Story
  • Nina

    Nina lives in the infamous Sector-37 slums of New Delhi. Her dad forced her older sister to give up dreams for an arranged marriage at the age of 14. Determined to study, she stood up to her dad and with the help of her teachers, she completed her high school. She now works at an optometry clinic and has made a believer of her dad.

    Nina's Story
  • Nisha

    Nisha's parents pulled her out of school in her 5th grade and for 3 years Nisha did house chores and tended the family fields. A 3-year gap in learning usually means the end of school for adolescents like her, but not for Nisha. After working her tail off in a residential boot-camp, and passing all the tests, she is back in high school.

    Nisha's Story
  • Pooja

    When her dad passed away, Pooja’s mom couldn’t afford to send all her 3 children to school so her brothers went to school while she stayed at home. One of Pooja’s teachers was able to get her a scholarship that helped her complete high school. Today, Pooja teaches 30 underprivileged kids, like her, daily in her backyard while working on a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education because he wants to be a full-time teacher.

  • Sushma

    Sushma’s dad has not been in her life for years. Scared at the prospect of another mouth to feed, her mom tried to marry her o when she turned 15. The teachers at her school successfully intervened. Today, her mom not only wants her to go on and get a job, but Sushma has helped her mom sue her dad for unpaid child support.

    Sushma's Story
  • Rathi

    At 17, Rathi is practically the head of her family which includes her sick mother and 13 younger siblings. She is determined to help her family break out of the crippling poverty and debt. She knows that getting an education is her only shot at achieving this, and thanks to an intense 6-week residential camp, she is now studying to pass her high school exams and find a job.

    Rathi's Story

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