Porbandar Blue Khadi Cotton Scarf

We simply couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to introduce possibly the most wearable cotton in the world. We have attempted to mindfully contemporize this ancient fabric with a classic blue and white palette, and pre-washed it to give it a highly wearable softness. It has a natural selvedge on long ends and short self-fringes on the short ends.

technique: Khadi (Handloom)

“Khadi” is a form of cotton fabric that is hand-spun using a traditional spinning wheel, and then hand-woven in a loom, producing a fabric with a rich texture. Made famous by Gandhi over 50 years ago as a symbol of self-employment and sustainability for artisans in rural India, its zero ecological footprint makes this fabric even more relevant today. The scarf is made in small batches in a women-owned factory.

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