Porbandar Purple Khadi Cotton Scarf

We have attempted to mindfully contemporize this ancient fabric with purple bands and subtly accented it with a single row of hand-stitched metallic silver. This scarf has been pre-washed to give it a highly wearable softness. It has a natural selvedge on long ends and short self-fringes on the short ends.

technique: Khadi (Handloom)

“Khadi” is a form of cotton fabric that is hand-spun using a traditional spinning wheel, and then hand-woven in a loom, producing a fabric with a rich texture. Made famous by Gandhi over 50 years ago as a symbol of self-employment and sustainability for artisans in rural India, its zero ecological footprint makes this fabric even more relevant today. The scarf is made in small batches in a women-owned factory.

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